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74V DC Hermetic CompressorJune 17, 2013 | 11:48 am

74V DC Compressor

Prime Railroad products has developed and tested a NEW proprietary compressor for its OE and E-cool locomotive refrigerators. This is a hermetically sealed unit with a 74VDC BRUSHLESS motor and solid state controller that eliminates the need for a separate external inverter; saving hundred of dollars in additional equipment and installation costs. Having been engineered specifically for mobile applications, this compressor is more robust than even our rugged AC compressor that has been a reliable performer for more than 30 years.

As you would expect, this smart compressor includes reverse polarity protection, heavy duty internal shock mounts and soft start technology which eliminates any start up delay . With the same aggressive cool down rate, as our AC compressor, the Prime DC compressor also uses standard ozone friendly refrigerant.  The operating voltage range is from 60-85 VDC and there is over/under voltage protection that simply shuts the unit off  should the battery voltage drop below 60Vdc.

A small 100va inverter can be integrated with a refrigerator equipped with an aux outlet if required to charge cell phones and laptop computers. For more information, contact Prime Railroad Products at 866-475-0450 or email

Prime continues to offer its refrigerator with a reliable 300va onboard inverter and AC compressor for those customers who require AC power.

*Over 60,000 compressors operating in mobile applications for over 5 years.