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Locomotive Cab Refrigerators

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Standard Features
  • Ozone friendly 134a refrigerant
  • 2 cu. ft. stainless steel cooling compartment with 2 shelves
  • Overall dimensions 15” W x 14 ¾” D x 37” H
  • Heavy duty 12ga steel base, hinges, latches and 16ga exterior
  • Powder coat textured paint exterior
  • Meets clean cab requirements
  • Standard base mounting bolt pattern
  • 1 amp, 115VAC aux. receptacle for charging laptop or accessoties(optional)
  • Available with AC (inverter required) or 74 VDC compressor
  • Weight on the PMC138-TRC is 100 lbs. All other models are 90 lbs

Custom refrigerators to fit your locomotive application. Contact Prime to discuss your application. 

Standard refrigerators
Part Number Color Power Compressor type plug type
PMC138 Brown 115vac Hermetic AC NEMA L5-15
PMC138-11 Brown 115vac Hermetic AC NEMAL7-20
PMC138-12 For passenger service locomotives Brown 115vac Hermetic AC NEMA L7-20
PMC138-TRC Includes 115VAC inverter + aux. outlet Brown 74 VDC Hermetic AC NEMA L5-15
PMC138-74DC 74VDC Brushless compressor Brown 74VDC Hermetic DC NEMA L5-15